Sunday, February 20, 2011

Webisode #20 is on the way...

Hi People who I really LOVE,  How are you todaaay ?

So... You want to know MORE about the up coming webisode, You came to the right place!
Right now I'm in-between breaks from my work on Animations and Music productions for my clients, 
I'm still working (as hard as I can) on the next MDI webisode, and since lots of you asked me to make more "Music with my mouth" style like in  webisode #18  "RoboCup"   I'm not sure why but this time I chose to have fun with the "Transformers" and make them into "TRANS-FARMERS" ...yeah, I know... weird, 
but that's the idea and also... I want to give MY TOUCH in this... just imagine MDI INSANITY style combined with the transformers concept... maybe you shouldn't.

Again, this webisode is 100% recorded with my voices, I made the music and the characters sketch all with my mouth, no instrumentals...  And of course it's also animated by myself... (mommy & daddy didn't help me hehe).

You'll have to wait a little bit more for the 
FULL WEBISODE, But meanwhile here is a screenshot from the upcoming webisode... 
Stay tuned :)

Feel free to follow this BLOG if you want to know more stuff before I actually release anything.

Have an awesome day, 
Much Love, with Hugs and Kisses from ME to YOU :)

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