Monday, March 14, 2011

MDI Webisode #21 it's sooo RANDOM !!!

Here goes the most Random MDI webisode so far:

Enjoy !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Webisode #21 is almost here...

Hi Youuu !
This time it's going to be VERY RANDOM so you may need to watch it twice to let your brain receive the insanity, I can't say much but... Random is the key word of the next webisode :)

Check out a few screenshots from the upcoming webisode:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

MDI - Webisode #20 - TransFARMERS !!!

MDI Webisode #20 is Finally HERE !!!

Yeah... I finally had the time to complete it and upload, wasn't easy because of many other projects around but I made it and it's ready for you to watch and ENJOY !

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Webisode #20 is on the way...

Hi People who I really LOVE,  How are you todaaay ?

So... You want to know MORE about the up coming webisode, You came to the right place!
Right now I'm in-between breaks from my work on Animations and Music productions for my clients, 
I'm still working (as hard as I can) on the next MDI webisode, and since lots of you asked me to make more "Music with my mouth" style like in  webisode #18  "RoboCup"   I'm not sure why but this time I chose to have fun with the "Transformers" and make them into "TRANS-FARMERS" ...yeah, I know... weird, 
but that's the idea and also... I want to give MY TOUCH in this... just imagine MDI INSANITY style combined with the transformers concept... maybe you shouldn't.

Again, this webisode is 100% recorded with my voices, I made the music and the characters sketch all with my mouth, no instrumentals...  And of course it's also animated by myself... (mommy & daddy didn't help me hehe).

You'll have to wait a little bit more for the 
FULL WEBISODE, But meanwhile here is a screenshot from the upcoming webisode... 
Stay tuned :)

Feel free to follow this BLOG if you want to know more stuff before I actually release anything.

Have an awesome day, 
Much Love, with Hugs and Kisses from ME to YOU :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey there MDI People, How are youuu todaaay ?
I bet you're beautifultastic as always !

Just wanna let you know that I added a new STORE section
to the blog so you'll be able to find out the most newest MDI stuff.

For now you can grab your favorite MDI songs and shirts.
More stuff in the future...

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful day !